Annual Conference 2019 - Information about submitting a proposal

Information about submitting a proposal

We are very keen to ensure that as many people’s voices are heard as possible. For this reason, we want to try and create a containing structure for the event which encourages wide participation by members and supports new ways of presenting and engaging in dialogue with colleagues.

We are therefore inviting you to submit a proposal about not only the topic of your presentation but also how you would like to deliver it. This might be a long or short paper presentation, panel discussion, video, poster or other visual approach, a reflective discussion group or goldfish bowl.

We want engaging ways of promoting discussion, catalysing action, and understanding the issues and dilemmas raised by this theme.


How to submit a proposal

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday 14 January 2019

Please submit proposals to – any proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


Please send, by email a 500-word (max.) outline of your proposed presentation setting out clearly:

• The idea or proposition you wish to explore, including the dilemmas or challenges it raises

• Your argument or hypothesis and the issues that you want the conference to consider

•The relevance of your presentation to the conference theme

•How you plan to present your material and engage with participants


In your covering email, please be sure to state:

• The working title of your presentation

•Your name (and the names of any co-presenters)

•Your email address and a phone number

•Whether this is your first time as a presenter at this or similar conferences


Got further questions or thinking of submitting, but would like to talk through an idea?

For further information about submitting your proposal, or discussion of an idea for a presentation, please email either Joanne Young, Debbie Hindle or Leanne Stelmaszczyk with your queries.


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