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In this story, the little boy, Dave has a very special soft toy called Dogger. Dogger goes everywhere with Dave, until one day Dave loses Dogger. Dave is very upset by this, and looks everywhere for Dogger, but cannot find him. We see Dave’s sadness as he struggles with the loss, cannot sleep and does not feel like joining in with the school fair. However, as he wonders around the school fair, he spots Dogger for sale on the toy stall. Overwhelmed by his feelings, he struggles to negotiate getting Dogger back. Luckily, he is able to find his older sister, who understands how important Dogger is to him and very kindly gives up her own new toy, so that Dave is able to have Dogger back.


This book can be read on many levels, as many children struggle with the trauma when a favourite toy is lost. Fortunately, in this book there is resolution and Dogger is not lost forever, and is able to be returned to his owner. The book can be used as a way to talk about the difficult feelings that get stirred up when something important is lost – be it a toy, or something else.  The book also depicts a very kind older sister, who perhaps can identify with Dave’s feeling of loss, but being older, is able to sacrifice her own toy – despite its newness and grandness - for her younger brother’s older, but well loved toy. 

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