ACP- Annual Conference 2019

About this year’s theme

The organising group for the 2019 ACP Annual Conference in Glasgow would like to encourage all members, or groups of members to consider contributing to the conference.


The theme is ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Contextualising the place of child psychotherapy in the modern world’ and proposals are invited for presentations that address this theme in creative and imaginative ways. Please note that the Friday and Sunday sessions will be open to professions allied to psychotherapy, but Saturday will be closed, available to ACP members only.


Each day of the conference will focus on a part of the conference theme, to provide delegates with an historical arc, reaching from the past and considering our profession’s future. This could include a focus on organisational or group dynamics which are pivotal in determining what might or might not be able to be achieved in teams.


Contemporary psychotherapy practice is embedded within public mental health provision: to contextualise our practice in the modern world, we need to ensure that our conference is connected to it – multidisciplinary working is part of our everyday and we encourage members bring this into their thinking when considering proposals. We also welcome multidisciplinary session proposals.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but to give members a broader sense of what we mean, we have detailed below the sorts of themes and ideas each of the conference days will cover:

  • Friday will be focusing on ‘yesterday’ – reflecting on our history and where we have come (celebrating 70 years of the ACP, 30 years of Scottish training for example)
  • Saturday will be focusing on ‘Today’ – Showcasing current practice, innovative services, new technologies and the impact on children and young people’s mental health, the rising mental crisis across all ages, the challenges our profession is facing and how we might meet them.
  • Sunday will be focusing on ‘Tomorrow’ – Considerations and debate for our profession’s future - Do we need to adapt or change? What gets in the way of change? How might we meet the growing needs of young people today? Where does the research take us? What’s currently in development?


Research will continue to play an important role in our professional development and we are thinking about ways that we can bring research into the conference creatively – perhaps as a poster session or showcase for all those conducting research, including trainees undertaking their doctoral research. Research presentations might span all three days. If you would like to explore this option with us, let Gillian Sloane Donachy know here


Reasons to get Involved

The conference this year is about the current state and direction of our profession. This affects all of us, and we hope that the whole membership will enter into the debates and discussions we hope to elicit at this year's event. This year’s conference isn’t just about how we can meet the challenges of today or tomorrow, it’s also about celebrating and re-establishing our profession’s foundation within children’s mental health provision. Child psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a core profession within CAMHS and provides a unique perspective on the child and young person’s experience.


In 2019, the ACP turns 70, our own Scottish training turns 30. We have a wealth of history, experience and ideas to share and develop and we want to do this alongside our peers and members.  By sharing our past, we might better understand our future, So this conference will provide a retrospective and prospective.


Find out how to submit a proposal here