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Interview with Senior ACP member, Lydia Tischler

Lydia Tischler, ACP honoured member, has been interviewed by Mind in Mind. The ACP welcomes the film on Lydia Tischler and talked to Ann Horne, ACP Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist about Lydia.

This is what Ann said:

From the time she arrived, age 16, in Windermere in 1945, by way of Auschwitz and Teresienstadt, Lydia Tischler has lived a life advocating and innovating for the mental health of children and families.

Trained by Anna Freud, she was the first child psychotherapist at the Cassel Hospital where, with her future husband, she established the Family Unit which admitted whole families whose functioning had completely and dangerously broken down – ‘the family as in-patient’. In ‘retirement’, she was co-founder of the EFPP, ensuring that many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in rediscovering their psychoanalytic histories, also developed child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy trainings.  And she joined the organising staff group of the BAP (now IPCAPA at the bpf), an enabling and loved teacher, tutor and supervisor.  It is not surprising that she is an Honoured member of the ACP – the profession owes her much.

For the MindinMind viewer who is meeting her for the first time, you are fortunate! A woman of generosity and wisdom, integrity and energy, Lydia is someone we all hold near to our hearts.

Watch the video produced by Mind in Mind.