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Infant & Child Observation

Young Child Observation: A Development in the Theory and Method of Infant Observation - Adamo, Simonetta & Rustin, Margaret  (2013)

Observing young children at play is an everyday and often fascinating and pleasurable experience for many of us. It also has a great pedigree in the development of psychoanalysis from Freud's observation of his grandson's game with the cotton-reel onwards.

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Surviving Space: Papers on Infant Observation - Briggs, Andrew (2002)

Surviving Space is a collection of papers on infant observation and related issues by contemporary experts in the field, commemorating the centenary of Esther Bick and the unique contribution she has made to psychoanalytic theory.

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Being Present for Your Nursery Age Child: Observing, Understanding, and Helping Children - Magagna, Jeanne & Pasquini, Patrizia (2014)

This book represents an innovative project in which parents, teachers and other professionals work collaboratively to observe children, understand them at a deep emotional level through their play and interaction with others, and facilitate their relationships with themselves as individuals and with others.

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Closely Observed Infants - Miller, Lisa et al. (1989)

For many years the regular observation of infants during the first two years of life has been a vital element in the training of child psychotherapists at the Tavistock Clinic. This book presents case studies which are evocative, sensitive, and jargon-free, in order to explore the developing relationships of infants with their mothers and other family members.

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Infant Observation at the Heart of Training - Sternberg, Janine (2005)

The study of infant observation is widely used as part of training to become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist; the skills learned through infant observation can be widely applied to practicing analysis with all ages. 

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Infant Observation and Research: Emotional Processes in Everyday Lives - Urwin, Cathy & Sternberg, Janine (2012)

Psychoanalytic infant observation is frequently used in training psychoanalytic psychotherapists and allied professionals, but increasingly its value as a research method is being recognised, particularly in understanding developmental processes in vulnerable individuals and groups. 

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