The Board is responsible for ensuring the organisation meets its core functions of protecting the public and promoting the profession, as well as ensuring the good governance of the organisation.  

The current Directors of the ACP are:

Executive Directors

  • Chair - Kate Robertson
  • Vice-Chair - Jane Elfer
  • Director of Finance - Claire Hopkins
  • Director of Professional Standards - Francesca Calvocoressi 
  • Director of Scientific Development - Dr Marie Bradley
  • Director of Training - Jason B Kaushal

Non-Executive Directors

Lay Non-Executive Directors:

  • Sarah Gilmour 
  • Kath Hinchliff
  • Dr Anjum Iqbal         
  • Brian Waring

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Non-Executive Directors:  

  • Olatayo Afuape
  • Janine Sternberg
  • Mick Wood

There are currently two Deputy Directors: 

  • Deputy Director of Scientific Development - Matthew Chuard
  • Deputy Director of Training - Andrew Satchwell