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This Directory is for members of the public to find a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who is registered with the ACP and provides psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children and young people in private practice. These are ACP members who can be contacted directly about the services they provide. 

This is not a full list of ACP members as it does not include those working in the NHS, other public services, or for voluntary sector organisations. For information about accessing NHS child and adolescent psychotherapy see How to Get Treatment  For the full list of ACP registered Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists please Check the Register.

The ACP is an Accredited Register of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which means the public can be confident when choosing health and care practitioners.  All Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists in this Directory have completed the ACP accredited training and have the skills to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy for infants, children and young people up to and including age 25, and to work with their parents or carers. They continue to meet the standards of practice set by the ACP including working to our Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics and annual requirements for Continuing Professional Development.

See more about how the ACP meets the standards of the Professional Standards Authority.

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The following links to pages on the ACP website may be helpful for those seeking psychotherapy with an ACP Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist:

What is Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy? - including: What does child and adolescent psychotherapy offer? and How do Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists work?

How Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Can Help

Information for Young People

Information for Parents & Carers

How much will it cost?There is no standard scale of fees and all therapists will discuss their charges on an individual basis with their clients. Therapists will be able to provide information about how much each type of appointment (assessment, consultation, or regular appointment) will cost and what is included in the fee (such as the appointment, whether a report is included in the cost at the end of an assessment). 

Please note that the ACP is not responsible for the content of members’ personal websites.

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