ACP launches survey for Child Mental Health Services (CAMHS) professionals

The ACP has launched a survey for CAMHS professionals in order to help us gather information about the role of specialists such as child and adolescent psychotherapists within the multi-disciplinary CAMHS workforce. The ACP argues that every service should have access to well trained specialists, in order to meet the growing complexity and demand of referred cases and the kinds of difficulties presented. 

Our key message to government is that together we should ensure that children and young people get the right treatment when they come into CAMHS or seek help for mental health difficulties, and that there should be a range of treatments and psychotherapeutic options available, so that young people have a choice and get the right treatment for their condition.

Recent changes in funding, training and commissioning around children's mental health means that many CAMHS teams are finding themselves struggling to provide the longer term, comprehensive support that many children and young people desperately need, particularly those with more complex mental health problems. ACP registered child psychotherapists are often a crucial part of the jigsaw in providing that longer term support and working alongside other CAMHS mental health professionals to deal with the most complicated cases.

We are therefore trying to gather information and data from other CAMHS professionals about their views of ACP registered psychotherapists. We have created a very short survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes to fill in. 

To complete the survey, click here