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The Dark Underworld of Instagram's Mental Health Memes According to a survey of 1,500 people, conducted by RSPH and the Young Health Movement Instagram is the social network deemed the most detrimental to the mental health and well-being of young adults. October 2017 - Advice from ACP member Rachel Melville-Thomas.

Child advice chatbots fail to spot sexual abuse

Bringing up Britain - The Fiendish World of Friendships

13 August 2018 - ACP member, Lydia Hartland-Rowe talks to Mariella Frostrup on the science of childhood friendships


Parenting: Favourite Parents

8 August 2018 - Listen to ACP member, Katie Argent, discuss how a child 'preferring' one parent over another is a normal part of childhood development

Labelling Children

7 March 2017 - ACP Member, Ruth Glover, Speaks on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour about the labels given to children


Transforming Mental Health Provision in Schools? 

8 February 2018 - Therapists and Educators criticise the government's proposed changes to how mental health services are delivered. ACP's Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett and ACP Member, Dr Tessa Weir-Jeffery raise their concerns

NHS 'let down' aristocrat Lady Beth Douglas, 18, who died of a drug overdose after battling mental illness, her family claim

18 November 2018 - Our Chief Executive, Nick Waggett, talks to the Daily Mail following the suicide of an 18 year old, whose family cites NHS as failing her

26 June 2018 - Children are being denied mental health care until they become suicidal, even if they might be psychopaths - and sexual abuse is not serious enough for NHS help, report reveals


Mental health disorders on rise among children

22 November 2018 - ACP Chief Executive, Nick Waggett, quoted in The Guardian in response to the NHS Digital mental health prevalence data

Society pays later for not giving vulnerable children a good start

7 October 2018 - Read ACP member Peter Toolan's letter in the Guardian

My 10-year-old son says no one cares about him, and talks of suicide

31 August 2018 - ACP Member, Dexter Benjamin talks about how parents can help

The Guardian view on self-harm: we live in uniquely pressurised times, and girls are suffering

29 August 2018 - ACP member, Margot Waddell's new book, On Adolescence, quoted in The Guardian editorial on self-harm

Young people's mental health is a 'worsening crisis'. Action is needed

31 July 2018 - "One recent report called the problem a "silent Catastrophe"," writes Mary O'Hara about our survey and analysis of the challenges facing CAMHS

How can we help my violent young granddaughter?

20 July 2018 - ACP Member, Dr Danny Goldberger, offers his advice

Mental Health Services for the young is NHS's 'Silent Catastrophe'

25 June 2018 - The ACP survey of frontline staff finds chronic underfunding and redesign of services to blame

My Teenage son hates me but says his dad is amazing

8 June 2018 - ACP Member, Ruth Glover, offers her advice

Warning of pressure on London teenagers as suicide rate soars

8 June 2018 - ACP member, Valentina Levi talks about the Brent Centre for Young People's research into rising rates of suicide and self-harm in young people in London

Our relationship with our 32-year-old daughter has broken down

25 May 2018 - ACP Member, Rachel Melville-Thomas offers her advice

Home Office faces court action over asylum children

24 April 2018 - ACP Member, Sheila Melzak, on the long wait traumatised child asylum seekers have to endure before their cases are addressed

Caring for a suicidal loved one

7 March 2018 - ACP Chief Executive, Nick Waggett, responds in a letter to a report cataloguing failings across mental health services

People with autism need protection 

13 February 2018 - ACP member, Catalina Bronstein, responds in a letter to an earlier article on the the treatment of autism

How do I tell my children about cancer? 

February 2018 - Advice from ACP Member Jane Elfer 

Should my friend block her 12-year-old son's access to pornography? 

27 January 2018 - Advice from ACP member Ann Horne

ACP members and their book are mentioned in a letter to the Guardian 

19 January 2018 Finding your way with your baby by Dilys Daws and Alexandra de Rementeria

My daughter is hurt at being rejected by the girl she called her best friend

8 December 2017 - Advice from ACP member Dr Sarah Sutton

My young daughter constantly misses her grandparents

22 September 2017Advice from ACP member Milly Jenkins

My teenage granddaughter is in a miserable state. She has lost hope 

23 June 2017 - Advice from ACP Member Rajni Sharma

I'm 13 and worried about being fat

20 January 2017 - Advice from ACP Member Cathy Troupp 

Crisis in Mental Health Care for young people

24 October 2017 - ACP member, Peter Wilson, responds to report about inadequate mental health services for children and young people

Data shows need for 'urgent' renewal of children's mental health care

22 November 2018 - ACP chief Executive, Nick Waggett spoke to HSJ news with a response on the NHS Digital prevalance data 

The government needs to do more to protect children's mental health services

20 February 2018 ACP Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett's article calls for a sustainable system of addressing children's mental health needs

Responding to the danger signs of CAMHS in trouble

5 July 2018 - Mental Healthcare and treatment, for children and young people in particular, has historically been the 'poor relation' of the NHS, Writes ACP Chief Executive, Nick Waggett

Parents and Teachers must be supported to do more for children's mental health

31 October 2018 - "Teachers alone cannot be the guardians of child mental health," writes ACP member Rachel Melville Thomas. We need "increased funding of expert professionals we already have, enabling them to support effective early intervention"


A-level results day: Universities should do more to tackle growing student mental health crisis, Ucas boss says

15 August 2018 - ACP member, Alison Roy, talks to the Independent on concerns on exam stress

Jeremy Hunt's new mental health Funding doesnt go far enough

13 July 2017 ACP Chair, Heather Stewart's Letter in the Independent

Teenage suicides in London rise by 107% - more that four times national rate, new figures reveal

7 June 2018 - ACP member, Valentina Levi talks about the Brent Centre for Young People's research into rising rates of suicide and self-harm in young people in London


Government missing an opportunity to improve children's mental health services

7 March 2018 - Shadow Health Secretary, Jon Ashworth, shares the ACP's concerns over the government's green paper on children and young people's mental health


Troubled children at risk from mental health proposals, warn therapists 

27 January 2018 - The ACP's Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett, argues that young people with the most serious mental health problems will be harmed by flawed government plans to boost services in schools for troubled children


From Britney to Demi Lovato: how Disney raised a generation of troubled stars
Children turned away from mental health help unless 'acutely suicidal', psychotherapists warn

Is a 'simple' baseline test for four-year-olds about to bring the fight over primary assessment to a head?

14 April 2018 - The ACP, as part of the More Than A Score coalition, features in a Tes report on baseline assessments of four-year-olds. Our concerns are about growing stress levels for schoolchildren and the lack of CAMHS services to support those who are struggling

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