Contacting your Local MP

We are working to keep building momentum and for the next stage we need your help to raise awareness amongst politicians of the challenges facing specialist CAMHS.

Last week, we wrote to every MP in the country to help put Treat Them Right firmly on the agenda in Parliament. But we need your support to sustain this by contacting your local MP directly.  MPs usually only respond directly to their constituents.

As you know, data about the funding crisis in CAMHS, changes to the way services are provided, and the shortage of child psychotherapy is poor. So we are asking you to request that your local MP investigates the severity of the situation in your local area and reports back to you so that we can use the data to build the strongest possible argument to government. We have drafted a letter, which you are at liberty to amend and tailor to include your own outlook on the situation in your area. We hope you can provide your MP with detail of what you know, including:

  • The local contribution of CAPt to services
  • Funding cuts to CAMHS, increases in thresholds, downgrading of senior posts or other threats to specialist provision
  • Any gaps you are aware of in CYP mental health and/or child psychotherapy services, which may be geographic or a lack of CAPt in particular service areas, e.g. LAAC, eating disorders, in-patient

The letter requests the MP to make an enquiry to the local CCG(s), if they haven't already. You can locate your local MP very easily, using this platform even if you don’t know who your local politician is. All you need to do is cut and paste the letter below, amend as you like, and click send.

Please let us know when you contact your MP so that we know which ones have been approached directly by members. If you get a response from your MP, do make sure to let us know!

We appreciate your support. We need to work together to have the best chance of ensuring that politicians, commissioners and other clinicians understand the value of child psychotherapy as an essential part of CAMHS.