Resources for Parents and Carers and Young People

We are living in strange and uncertain times, which is deeply unsettling for people of all ages. With the added pressure of children being isolated and home schooled or in uncertain routines in the schools and childcare places open for key workers, the Association of Child Psychotherapists is compiling and updating resources to help parents, carers and young people at this time.

Guidance for parents and carers

Helping children with anxiety around the current crisis 
Advice on talking to your children about illness
Talking to children about illness (British Psychological Society)
Keeping children and young people safe online
Understanding Childhood - free leaflets by ACP members for parents and carers
Understanding your child - series of books by ACP members
Understanding your baby. Boswell, Sophie (2004)
Understanding your one-year-old. Gustavus Jones, Sarah (2004)
Understanding your three-year-old. Emanuel, Louise (2004)
Understanding 4-5-year-olds. Maroni, Lesley (2007)
Understanding 6-7-year-olds. Aves, Corinne (2006)
Understanding 8-9-year-olds. Youell, Biddy (2008)
Understanding 10-11-year-olds. Bergese, Rebecca (2008)
Understanding 12-14-year-olds. Waddell, Margot (2005)

Guidance for young people

Handling anxiety and isolation

Additional resources