Biological and Emotional Narratives-Milan

The conference “Biological and emotional narratives” is organized by the Centro Benedetta D'Intino in Milan, a non-profit Service devoted to the prevention and cure of emotional suffering in families and children from disadvantaged environments in the suburbs of Milan.

It aims to explore two different but interrelated domains of knowledge, Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis, to discuss the origins of subjectivity in the child-parent relationship. Traditionally, the subject of research was the development of a child’s mind which was considered to be passive, stimulus driven and to work alone. Now, the child’s mind is thought to be active, competent and involved in relationships with the care givers’ minds from the very beginning. Human beings develop through intersubjectivity, starting with sounds and touch and then moving on to visual contact with care givers. With very young children, the sensorial and semiotic aspects of language seem to be more important than the semantic aspects, for example musicality, rhythm, prosody, and what lies between speaking and feeling, between bodies and minds.

These new insights have important implications for clinical work. The development of a new relationship between the therapist, the child and the child’s family may produce a new kind of listening and emotional attunement in the analytic field. Transformations may happen through the co-construction of new tools for feeling and thinking. 

The conference will include plenary sessions from internationally renowned experts with the aim of introducing neuropsychoanalysis and connections between the neurological sciences and psychoanalysis.

There will also be parallel workshops on clinical practice to share experiences in the new field of very early parent-infant treatment. Doctors, Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists and Paediatricians who work in the perinatal area - and beyond - will be offered the chance to actively reflect upon and discuss their care giving skills, both as individuals and as part of a working group.

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May 19th, 2017 8:00 AM   through   6:30 PM