ACP Leaflets

The ACP media group has been working on a new series (ACP Talking Series) of leaflets and will be writing these on a range of topics. 

See our latest ACP leaflet:

We have also produced a leaflets for the parents of young children diagnosed with cancer: 

If you would like to get involved with producing a leaflet in our ACP Talking Series, please contact: Alison Roy at:

The ACP has also published guides which answer questions about child and adolescent psychotherapy: what it is, how it can help improve outcomes for children, young people and families and how you can access this service. Click on the titles below to download (not available in hard-copy).

In September 2011 the ACP published its Specialist Interest Group Briefing Paper Series, which highlights the work carried out by child and adolescent psychotherapists in eight specialist areas. Click on the titles below to download.

These leaflets are available in hard-copy from the office on request, please contact

To download free leaflets on family life from the early to the teenage years written by child and adolescent psychotherapists, please visit: Understanding Childhood