ACP Annual Conference

Modern Families: Work and Thinking about Neglected and Vulnerable Children, Parents and Families, 25 & 26 June 2021

It has been some time since the ACP annual conference focused specifically on work with families. There have been major changes in society since then and certainly many since the ACP came into being in 1949, not least in the last 12 months.

Our Modern Families Conference was originally planned for the summer of 2020, but it has been necessary for this programme to undergo a fundamental rethink. The ongoing nature of the pandemic has meant that we made the decision to hold the conference online this year, which we hope will enable many more members to join us. The impact of the pandemic, particularly for vulnerable children, parents, and families, has brought into sharper focus the growing need for mental health services and so, the conference has retained its original focus, while crucially bringing in the experiences of the past year.

Given the revised nature of this year’s conference, we will be focusing on six papers across two half days, with time for reflection and discussion woven in, to help facilitate the ‘coming together’ that is so often held in high regard and allow members to socialise in smaller groups.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the wealth of rich and thought-provoking papers we originally received. It is with our deepest disappointment and regret that we are unable to include these this year. We do hope to encourage those members to work with us and to think about how we may collaborate in other ways, through publishing or presenting at our other events.

Further details about the conference will be announced over the coming weeks, including additional social and interactive opportunities, with booking to follow. We hope that members see this year’s event as an opportunity to gather, hear some engaging and thoughtful accounts of clinical work, and take part in discussions and debates.

Confirmed speakers: Gerry Byrne, Becky Hall, Deirdre Ingham, Monica Lanyado, Julia Mikardo, Alison Roy, Rinat Shemesh and Ana Spoladore 

Booking now open