Short Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (STPP) 

STPP is a NICE recommended and manualised psychoanalytic treatment administered by child psychotherapists. It is currently being revised for use in routine child psychotherapy practice. No formal training is required for ACP members, but consultation, supervision, and peer support in introducing this time-limited model are available and have proved very helpful. 

STPP Implementation group

The STPP Implementation group remit is to support the roll out of STPP nationally to Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists who have not had access to STPP or specific experience in this model. It is important to highlight that as a profession we are well trained and equipped to undertake STPP. However colleagues may value: 

1. additional consultation
2. supervision in working to a manualised model
3. identifying appropriate cases
4. advice about providing supervision for STPP
Also the implementation group can advise colleagues on processes for advocating for this evidence based approach in services and to commissioners. The group will act as a hub for gathering ongoing clinical experience of STPP beyond IMPACT particularly in relation to the range of young people treated using STPP and the incorporation of outcome measures. Members - see the STPP menu in the resources section of the website.