Registration Status

Registered - The registrant has met all requirements to be an ACP member. 


Registration due - The registrant has met all requirements to be an ACP member. During the period from 1st to 31st January this category is used for administrative purposes while re-registration is taking place and these registrants remain registered.


CPD 20XX-XX outstanding - The registrant has not completed the required Continuing Professional Development submission and will not be eligible to register for the following year until it has been received and authorised.


Pending - All new registrants are listed as 'Pending' until they have completed all necessary administration tasks.


Lapsed - A registrant has failed to meet one of the ACP's criteria for membership and is no longer a member. He/she will remain listed for one calendar month and then will be removed.


An asterisk (*) by a member's name indicates that they have been through the ACP disciplinary procedures and been found in breach of our Code of Ethics. A summary of the breach and details of the sanctions can be found here.