Petition calls for Channel 4’s Train Your Baby Like a Dog to be pulled

From on 20th August, 2019

Dr Nick Waggett's opinion about the show is quoted in this article.

Hundreds of young people face mental health problems

From on 12th August, 2019

The Scarborough News published an article about an under reported “national crisis” among children's mental health using an ACP report and a quote from Nick Waggett, ACP CEO as their... More

Thousands of Wigan youngsters battle mental illnesses

From on 8th August, 2019

Thousands of young people are struggling with mental health problems in Wigan, worrying new data shows.Mental health charities have warned about an under-reported “national crisis” among... More

Domestic violence: Child-parent abuse doubles in three years

From BBC News on 7th August, 2019

The number of reported crimes involving children attacking parents has doubled in the past three years, data suggests. ACP member, Ruth Dunstan was interview about this subject.

Child mental health crisis in Surrey and Hampshire

From on 7th August, 2019

New data shows thousands of young people are struggling with mental health problems in Surrey and North East Hampshire.Mental health charities have warned about an underreported "national crisis... More

Thousands of children in Dorset struggling with mental health problems

From on 6th August, 2019

New NHS data has revealed how many young people in the county are seeking help from mental health services.New statistics shows that 3,955 people aged under 18 were seen at least twice by mental... More

My daughter self-harms. Will she cope when she goes to university?

From Guardian on 3rd May, 2019

ACP member, Gail Walker speaks to Annalisa Barbieri about a parent's concerns: 'She felt that although you are full of doubt and worry, you do actually know the answer...Trust yourself and... More

Experts warn parents of dangers of applying undue pressure on youngsters facing their exams

From on 3rd May, 2019

As the Sats, GCSEs and A-levels season cranks into gear once again, child psychotherapists have attributed the rise to parents' anxietiesMental health experts have warned of the increasing levels... More

Why 'low level' mental health problems require a sophisticated service response

From Health Service Journal on 29th April, 2019

The Children’s Commissioner’s latest report Early Access to Mental Health Support provides further evidence that children suffering anxiety, depression and other... More

Psychotherapists warn against describing the needs of children with mental health problems as “low level”

From on 16th April, 2019

The ACP Welcomes the report Early access to mental health support, released April 2019 by the Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield, which provides further evidence that children with... More


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