'When I Was A Child My Sister Died, But Nobody Spoke To Me About It'

From on 13th December, 2021

ACP member, Jane Elfer, contributed to this article in Grazia about childhood grief.

TikTok helps adoptees find a new community to explore joy, family, and belonging

From on 16th November, 2021

ACP member, Alison Roy was interviewed by for a piece on TikTok users sharing their experiences of adoption. Alison discusses the importance of sharing and talking... More

You’ve got a friend in me

From on 11th November, 2021

ACP member, Claire Hopkin comments on the impact friendships can have on mental health. The article can be found in The Week Junior magazine from 17 April 2021, p.19.

World Adoption Day: If we adopt, how likely is it that our child will have emotional and psychological problems?

From on 9th November, 2021

ACP member, Alison Roy has been quoted in Newschain for World Adoption Day.

I am 16 and identify as an ‘ace lesbian’ – how do I tell my parents?

From on 8th November, 2021

ACP member, Charlie Beaumont spoke to Annalisa Barbieri about sexuality and identity in this Guardian article.  

On unsung heroes in primary care, and helping parents and babies to sleep

From on 4th November, 2021

This article illustrates ACP member, Dilys Daws’ groundbreaking contributions to child psychotherapy and infant mental health. 

From Home to School: Advice from a Psychotherapist

From on 2nd November, 2021

ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas, covers transitions from school to home during breaks from education in the latest issue of the Autism Parenting Magazine (Issue 129, p.29-32).

My son seems to blame me for his anxiety. How can we reconnect?

From on 26th October, 2021

ACP member, Ruth Glover speaks to Annalisa Barbieri about a strained mother-son relationship.  

Voices of Islam - Breakfast Show Podcast

From on 26th October, 2021

ACP member, Ryan Lowe, discusses anxiety in children and young people, with a focus on school based anxiety and highlights the signs to look out for. You can listen to Ryan's interview from... More

Covid mental health toll on kids laid bare with 1.5million to need help after pandemic

From on 19th October, 2021

ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas is quoted in this article by the Mirror which focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic and impacts on children's mental health.


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