Guidance for psychological professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

From on 1st April, 2020

Important guidance has been issued jointly by the Psychological Professions Network and the professional bodies representing the 12 psychological professions working in the NHS. This includes the... More

Coronavirus: Children could face more mental health problems amid lengthy school closures, experts warn

From Independent on 27th March, 2020

ACP member, Alison Roy, discusses the risks to children’s mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Missing means love: Advice for coping with Mother’s Day after losing your mum

From on 23rd March, 2020

ACP Member, Rachel Melville Thomas, talks about coping with Mother’s Day when you have lost your mum.

Should we tell my grandson his father is a drug addict?

From Guardian on 19th March, 2020

ACP member Ryan Lowe discusses how to have an age appropriate conversation regarding family drug abuse. 

Association of Child Psychotherapists Briefing for the House of Lords Short Debate 2nd March 2020:

From on 5th March, 2020

Impact of treatment by unregulated and unregistered persons offering psychotherapy or counselling services upon the mental health and wellbeing of their clients. 

My daughter can’t say no to her young children. How can I help?

From Guardian on 5th March, 2020

ACP member Dr Alexandra de Rementeria explains the importance of boundaries within family settings. 

Ask the Expert: How is our divorce likely to affect our children?

From on 21st January, 2020

ACP member Rachel Melville-Thomas explains the impact of divorce and seperation on children of different ages in this article. 

'Why it's OK I'm not seeing my family this Christmas'

From BBC News on 3rd January, 2020

ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas, was quoted in this BBC Newsbeat article about difficult family relationships. 

Fifth of Calderdale NHS Mental Health Patients are Children

From on 12th December, 2019

The ACP address the crisis in child and adolescent mental health services due to underfunding. 

More than 4,000 Wiltshire children seen by mental health services

From on 11th December, 2019

The ACP address the crisis in child and adolescent mental health services due to underfunding. 


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