Guidance for psychological professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Important guidance has been issued jointly by the Psychological Professions Network and the professional bodies representing the 12 psychological professions working in the NHS. This includes the Association of Child Psychotherapists and emphasises the importance of maintaining the services provided by our members to children, young people and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. See the full guidance here.
“In the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic the ACP is pleased to be working alongside fellow psychological professionals in the NHS to respond to the crisis. The guidance that we have jointly developed is an important statement that psychological services, including child and adolescent psychotherapy, are essential services that can save lives and must be kept open through the immediate crisis. Psychological professionals are NHS key workers.”
Nick Waggett, Chief Executive of the ACP.
“Clearly the NHS is faced by an unprecedented challenge in treating patients with COVID-19 but we also need to maintain the capacity to support and treat vulnerable patients, including those at risk of suicide, self-harm, neglect and abuse. Wherever possible psychological therapies and interventions should continue and be delivered through digital platforms or telephone and the ACP has developed guidelines for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists to ensure this is done safely and effectively. Psychological professionals also have an important role to support the wellbeing of organisations, teams and individual staff. The ACP is supporting its members look after themselves as they respond to high levels of need so that they can continue to service children, young people and families effectively.”
Isobel Pick, Chair of the ACP
Read the full ACP guidance on working remotely with children, young people and families here.