Disability & Illness

Give Sorrow Words: Working with Dying Children - Judd, Dorothy (2014)

In this book Dorothy Judd, a child psychotherapist who has worked with ill, disabled and dying children and adolescents for many years, places her clinical experience in the context of a full understanding of death, the moral and ethical issues raised by some of the treatments for life-threatening illness, and the current research into new developments in approaches to terminal illness.

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Mental Handicap and the Human Condition; New Approaches from the Tavistock - Sinason, Valerie (1992)

People with severe and profound intellectual disabilities should have the opportunity to receive psychoanalytic psychotherapy to deal with their emotional suffering. However, their needs are not always considered. This book is not only about the people officially designated intellectually disabled, but it is also about the ways in which all of us suffer from the limitations which can be discerned from clinical work on the inner world of these individuals.

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