Babies & Early Years

Finding Your Way with your Baby: The Emotional Life of Parents and Babies - Daws, Dilys & de Rementeria, Alexandra (2015)

Finding Your Way with Your Baby explores the emotional experience of the baby in the first year, and that of the mother, father and other significant adults. It does so in a way that is deeply informed by psychoanalytic understandings, infant observation, developmental science and decades of clinical experience.

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Parent-Infant Psychotherapy for Sleep Problems: Through the Night - Daws, Dilys & Sutton, Sarah (2020)

Sleep problems are among the most common, urgent and undermining troubles parents meet. This book describes Dilys Daws' pioneering method of therapy for sleep problems, honed over 40 years of work with families: brief psychoanalytic therapy with parents and infants together.

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Sent Before My Time: A Child Psychotherapist's View of Life on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Cohen, Margaret (2003)

Sent Before My Time is an exploration of the workings of a neo natal intensive care unit from a child psychotherapist's point of view. It examines the relationships between the babies, the parents and the staff.

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The Nursery Age Child - Davids, Jenny (2010)

This book aims to facilitate the understandings of nursery age children, that is, children around three, four and five years, and their parents. Children of these ages are particularly fascinating. The wealth of their growing minds is apparent in their play and in their widening capacity to express themselves in words.

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Intimate Transformations: Babies with their Families - Magagna, Jeanne et al. (2005)

This enriching book describes the value of learning about the development of the human personality through the experience of observing a baby in the context of the family. It is distinctive in the field of infant observation literature, for it shows how the affective learning augments the learning experience.

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Saying No - Phillips, Asha (2008)

Asha Phillips writes as both a child psychotherapist and a mother, using case studies as well as informal anecdotes from family and friends as illustrations. She strips away the negative associations surrounding the word 'no' and celebrates change and setting limits as essential ingredients in development.

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Surviving The Early Years: The Importance Of Early Intervention With Babies At Risk- Stella, Acquarone (2016)

This book considers the principal physical and psychological ideas and thoughts of what happens to parents from the moment they conceive. The discussion covers mothers who have become vulnerable due to "external" circumstances and provides different models to help overcome this process.

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