Our adopted daughter has rejected us. How can we help her?

From on 12th July, 2021

ACP member, Alison Roy advises adoptive parents in Annalisa Barbieri's column; saying ‘children who were neglected & deprived bring their experiences to their adoptive families, all too... More

Fit for purpose? Addressing inequities in mental health research exacerbated by COVID-19

From on 7th July, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities in mental health in the UK. Those with pre-existing mental illness, young people, women and some racialised communities are among the most likely to... More

Have I gone too far in monitoring my children’s online activity?

From on 29th June, 2021

ACP member Rachel Melville Thomas advises a parent who is struggling to know how to manage their child's online activity in Annalisa Barbieri' s column.

Fear, face masks and failing immunity – has Covid damaged our children forever?

From on 29th June, 2021

ACP member Alison Bruce discusses the impact of the pandemic on new parents and their babies in this article.

Letters: How the Hancock shambles looks in the eyes of a staunch Conservative

From on 29th June, 2021

The ACP were pleased to join over 100 children's organisations in a letter to the editor of the Telegraph requesting that Government must put #ChildrenAtTheHeart of plans to rebuild.... More

Should I let my son see a relative who is on the sex offender register?

From on 14th June, 2021

ACP member, Ryan Lowe, is quoted in this article by Annalisa Barbieri.

The Wonder of the Teenage Brain with Adolescent Psychotherapist Rachel Melville-Thomas

From on 28th May, 2021

In this podcast, ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas and Annalisa Barbieri chat about neurological changes in the teenage brain and how they manifest. 

World Autism Awareness Week: a day in the working life of a child psychotherapist

From on 6th April, 2021

ACP member, Felicity Tyson, describes her work as a child psychotherapist with children and families with autism 

‘We’ve seen so many girls suffering in lockdown’: the troubling rise of tics among teenage girls

From on 11th March, 2021

ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas has contributed some insights and advice for a piece in the Daily Telegraph today around anxiety attached to tics, following a report from Dr Isobel... More

Doctors fear new child mental health crisis in UK, made worse by Covid

From on 4th March, 2021

ACP member, Julia Britton, discusses the increase of child and young people mental health referals in this article with the Guardian. 


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