#SortItOut campaign

From on 27th November, 2020

The ACP are supporting the #SortItOut campaign which 'calls for immediate action to reduce the damaging impact of parental conflict on an estimated 1.25million children in Britain. This campaign... More

Watch Newsround - what makes a bully?

From on 17th November, 2020

Alison Roy, ACP member, talks to CBBC Newsround's Ricky Boleto about what makes a bully. 

United we stand for Anti-Bullying Week

From on 6th November, 2020

ACP member, Claire Hopkins discusses bullying ahead of Anti-Bullying Week 2020. 'Children who intentionally seek to upset/demean others often do so because they hold intolerable amounts of self-... More

F1001D responds to Ofsted report on rise in neglect and abuse of babies during COVID-19

From on 6th November, 2020

As a member of the First 1001 Days Movement, the ACP are supporting the statement made in response to Ofsted report on rise in neglect and abuse of babies during COVID-19.   

Joint Statement on the Future of Public Health England - Giving Every Child the Best Start in Life

From on 29th October, 2020

The Government is currently preparing options to restructure Public Health England (PHE). As experts in the early years, we are particularly concerned with the crucial support that PHE provides for... More

Government is at risk of failing babies and parents during the coronavirus pandemic

From on 29th October, 2020

NSPCC and a coalition of early years charities, including the ACP, warn government they're at risk of failing a generation of babies born during the coronavirus pandemic.

Slime: Why is it good for you?

From on 23rd October, 2020

ACP member, Claire Hopkins discusses the benefits of slime. Claire suggests that sensory objects can create calm moments that enable children to feel less overwhelmed. 

What's Happening with the Adoption Process

From on 13th October, 2020

The experience of adoption, both adopting and being adopted, can stir-up deep emotional pain, often related to loss and early trauma. ACP member, Alison Roy, discusses the process of adoption in... More

How to Talk to Your Children about the Recession

From on 15th September, 2020

You might see children's anxieties pop up in other places too - like tummy aches and headaches. ACP member, Rachel Melville-Thomas speaks about the impact that financial worries may have on... More

Back to School Normal?

From on 2nd September, 2020

ACP member Rachel Melville-Thomas has been interviewed on BBC radio Bristol. Her section can be heard in the link below starting at 2.09.50 and ending at 2.29. We are very pleased that at the very... More


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