12th September, 2018

The ACP responded to a House of Lords Select Committee inquiry on Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities. Although the committee is not focussing on mental health this was an opportunity to make... More

12th September, 2018

The ACP has submitted evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee Inquiry into the First 1000 Days of Life. Members of the ACP working in this crucial area provided an excellent resource of... More

10th September, 2018

ACP Member, Margot Waddell's new book, On Adolescence, was quoted in The Guardian editorial on self-harm: "There is no doubt but that, for the moment, we have a generation of struggling... More

10th September, 2018

The ACP wrote to The Guardian to express our shock that under the immigration detention policy the UK government is operating the same cruel practice of separating child from their parents as the US... More

10th September, 2018

Our Silent Catastrophe report is cited in this piece about a CAMHS child psychotherapist who resigned and lifts the lid on the problems facing children in care who need mental health support. Read... More

24th July, 2018

A newly published ‘quick guide for practitioners and managers supporting children, young people and families’ from NICE/SCIE has recommended individual psychoanalytic therapy as a... More

11th July, 2018

The ACP has issued a statement on the recent enforced separation of children from their parents on the American Mexican border. It is a basic human right for parents and children to remain... More

25th June, 2018

'Silent Catastrophe' Further evidence of NHS CAMHS failing children and young people with most severe needs Today, the Association of child (ACP), has launched a report, ... More

24th June, 2018

The ACP has responded to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health inquiry into the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.The ACP’s response focussed specifically on the 5YFV for... More

23rd May, 2018

The Education and Health and Social Care Select Committees published their response to the government’s proposals to roll out mental health provision in schools. In a document titled ‘The... More


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