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This is a register of psychoanalytically trained Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, trained to work with children and young people from 0-25 years. The ACP regulates the training and practice standards of its members working across the public, voluntary and private sectors.

Some of our registrants may also have trained to work with adults or in other specialisms and therefore may be registered with other statutory and professional bodies. Links to such organisations can be found on our useful links page under 'Professional Bodies'

Categories of ACP membership:

ACP members can be registered in one of the following categories: Honoured Full Members, Full Members, Honoured Not Working Members, Not Working Members, Overseas Members and Trainee Members.

For a full description of the categories please go to

Professional Standards Authority accreditation and use of the quality mark only applies to registrants practising within the UK.

Registration status:

ACP members registration status can be one of the following: Registered, Registration due, CPD 20XX-XX outstanding, Pending, Lapsed

For a full description of each status please go to

An asterisk (*) by a member's name indicates that they have been through the ACP disciplinary procedures and been found in breach of our Code of Ethics. A summary of the breach and details of the sanctions can be found at

Membership Number Member Name Register Registration Status
4066 Ms. Becky Wylde Full Member Registered
3868 Ms. Nicole Wyvill Full Member Registered
4828 Miss Yael Yadlin Trainee Member Registered
4410 Mr. Ben Yeo Full Member Registered
3778 Biddy Youell Full Member Registered
4048 Dr. Joanne Young Full Member Registered
4354 Mr. David Young Full Member Registered
5140 Rafia Yousuf Trainee Member Registered
4379 Ms. Eleni Zacharia Full Member Registered
4291 Mrs. Cristina Zago Full Member Registered
4595 Ms. Mariachiara Zappa Full Member Registered
4058 Mrs. Monica Zavala Full Member Registered
4613 Mr. Sam Zuppardi Full Member Registered
4407 Ms. Kasia Zych Full Member Registered