Diversity and equality form

Thank you for renewing your membership.

This year, we are asking all members to fill in a new diversity and equality form as part of registration.

This will take no more than 5 minutes and you can opt out of any question you do not which to answer although the ACP would appreciate if you answered them all. The data will be held separately from your profile, in an anonymous form, and will only ever be used by authorised persons on an anonymous and aggregated basis so that individuals are not identifiable. Find out here why completing this form is important.

NB. Each category includes an ‘other’ option which you can use to describe your ethic origin, or you may wish to use the “I prefer to describe myself as” option at the end of the list instead.

A long standing illness is defined by the Equality Act 2010 as causing significant impairment which is likely to last 12 months of more. A diagnosis of cancer, MS or HIV is classed as a long standing illness from the date of diagnosis.
People may experience more than one type of impairment; in which case you may indicate more than one. If none of the categories describe your situation, you can use the “I describe myself as” option.
(e.g. CQSW, PGCE, Speech therapy, Nurse, Solicitor, Accountant)
(where your parents have different levels of education, give information about the parent with the highest level)
Please tick all that apply.
Please tick all that apply.
Please rate in order of 1-5 with 5 being the most significant.
Difficulties with childcare
Feeling I don’t belong
Few or no analysts in your area
Having to give up/reduce hours in a secure job to gain relevant experience
Having to work for free – as a volunteer – to get experience to apply for the training
I had to move country
Lack of money
Lack of part time training posts
Lack of volunteering opportunities in my area
Travelling long distances between work/training school/analysis

Thank you very much for completing this! If you have any general comments about the questions, please write them in a text box below:

To help us to maintain an accurate snapshot of our profession we will need to repeat this questionnaire every four years.