An ACP Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to impose the following penalties for those members who have been found to have breached the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. The nature of penalty will be commensurate with the offence committed.

  1. To expel the member from the Association;
  2. To suspend the member from membership of the Association for a specified period of up to 3 years;
  3. To require that the member continue in membership or continue in practice subject to conditions to be specified for a period to be specified. Conditions may include requirements as to personal health, further training and conditions, restrictions and requirements regarding the member’s participation in the activities of the Association (e.g. attendance at specified meetings or holding office or membership of committees and sub-committees);
  4. The member be formally warned in writing as to matters specified; and
  5. That the member be formally advised and/or counselled in writing as to matters specified.


Members who have been sanctioned


Jane Begley - Membership number 4050 (Posted June 2016)

A Disciplinary Committee formed by the ACP Ethics Committee found that Ms Begley had breached the ACP Code of Ethics  (7.1 in general and 7.23 specifically ) in that, through her behaviour, she had acted in such a way as to bring the profession into disrepute, namely by communicating in a disrespectful way (both verbally and in writing) to and about certain colleagues and managers. Ms Begley also showed difficulties in working within defined management and governance issues.

The Disciplinary Committee required that the member should have a series of professional supervisions with a senior and experienced Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist to address the challenges to professional identity and role of working within transforming CAMHS, and to support her in situating her psychoanalytic work within increased monitoring and accountable management interventions. These professional supervisions should take place on a monthly basis and last for a minimum of a year.


Gisele Mendonca - Membership number 4041 (Posted June 2017)

A Disciplinary Committee formed by the ACP Ethical Practice Group found that GM had breached the ACP Code of Ethics (paragraph 4.1) which is concerned with “respect for the patient, trust and maintaining confidentiality” as crucial elements of all psychotherapeutic relationships and paragraph 4.5 which specifically refers to consent in relation to disclosure of information. The breach involved the sharing of confidential information in a report that was used in a family court without the consent of one key person who was discussed in the report.

The Disciplinary Committee required that the member should receive additional, specialist supervision on a monthly basis  for a period of  6 months from a senior and experienced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist to focus on practice and ensure that the member is fully aware of the protocol in writing letters and reports. The overseeing of this sanction will be monitored by the Lead of the Ethical Practice Group, Jo Goldsmith.