ACP Annual Conference 2018

Relating to the Other

6 - 8 July 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University

Please note that this event is only open to registered members of the ACP. 

Conference Chairs: Rajni Sharma and Lydia Hartland-Rowe

Confirmed presenters: Rachel Abedi, Louise Allnutt, Katie Argent, Faye Brierley, Sarina Campbell, Christine Chester, Jay Dhillon, Sarah Fielding, David Hadley, Sarah Hartley, Ann Horne, Anne Hurley, Hillel Mirvis, Valerie Mortin, Anthony Ogoe, Akin Ojumi, Isobel Pick, Kate Purdy, Katie Reid, Coretta Samms, Sonia Stephenson, Julie Trice, Jane Turner and Rosie Winter.

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Conference timetable:

Friday 6 July
Registration opens 5pm 
Welcome address 5.45pm
First paper 6pm
Drinks reception 7.15pm

Saturday 7 July
Registration opens 9am 
First Paper 10.15am
Dinner and entertainment 7pm - late

Sunday 8 July
Registration opens 9am
Close of the conference 2.30pm

Northern Organising Group: Simon Cregeen (chair), Nigel Barrow, Faye Brierley 
Louise Hursey, Paula Land, Leanne Stelmaszczyk, Jane Turner and Nick Waggett

About this year's event

Working and thinking in relation to difference and diversity

The differences people meet in each other inhabit many forms, some may be visible, some not immediately discernible, some may be hidden or may only become evident within a process of ‘getting to know the other’ in a relational encounter.

Differences may evoke curiosity or be experienced as frightening and sometimes deeply disturbing. How do we apprehend, relate to, think and communicate about encounters with ‘otherness’ that are inherent in our relationships?

Broad brush stroke descriptors which seek to define difference across multiple dimensions (such as heritage, ethnicity, race, language, culture, subculture, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, age, mental health, physical and learning abilities, religious or political belief systems) may serve a purpose when considering matters of inclusion, exclusion and equality.

However, the terminology of labelling can readily nullify the complexity of individuality (including fluidity in identity and fluctuations in states of mind), or can occlude what it means to be a part of humanity.

The categorising language associated with diversity can readily become imbued with attributions with which not all inferred ‘members’ of groupings identify. Individuals hold some of the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of these groups which can serve a function at a societal level.

Artist Lubaina Himid has spoken to this phenomena in relation to the grouping of refugees. She describes how the grouping is a way of ‘distancing’ which is ‘easy’ and ‘lazy’ and avoids seeing and thinking about ‘people being actual people…each one born out of someone’s womb.’ She reminds us that ‘we must not do this distancing – we are none of us more important that the others’ (The Observer 24.09.17).

We are aware that some ACP members are working in communities where enactments stemming from fundamentalist states of mind (associated with a particular form of apprehending ‘otherness’) have starkly erupted in terror attacks, or in areas where insidious social neglect has become shockingly apparent, perhaps painfully revealing the functions that an ‘other’ oppressed strata might hold within our society. 

As psychoanalytic thinkers we have a conceptual framework to try to illuminate aspects of how ‘otherness’ is created and related to, e.g. persecutory anxieties, denial, splitting, identification, shifting states of mind. We hope that members might share their experiences, struggles and insights.

July 6th, 2018 5:00 PM   through   July 8th, 2018 2:30 PM
Manchester Metropolitan University,
Brooks Building
53 Bonsall Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester M15 6GX
United Kingdom

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Presenter / Speaker - with accommodation £ 334.00
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Member Rate - Conference Only £ 300.00
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