Priorities for Student Mental Health: Developing the New University Mental Health Charter, Facilitating the School-University Transition and Improving Co-ordination Between Support Providers

This timely seminar will examine the priorities for student mental health, including the current state of mental health provision available to students at university and the next steps to improve support. 
It follows the announcement in June 2018 by the Universities Minister of a series of new measures regarding student mental health, including the development of a new University Mental Health Charter - which will be developed in partnership with charities and higher education providers and aims to oversee the development of new standards to promote student mental health and wellbeing.
It will be an opportunity to discuss the development of the Charter so as to help universities to improve their provision of mental health services, including by co-ordinating their action with local NHS services and charities.
Those attending will also consider the transition for students from school and college to university, as the Department for Education prepares to set up a working group - recommended by the Universities Minister - which looks at potential ways to ensure that students get the right support, particularly in their first year at university. 
January 28th, 2019 8:30 AM   through   1:00 PM