Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Now conference line up includes ACP members

PPNOW 2017 conference is open for bookings (Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November). The line up includes ACP members Katie Argent and Julia Mikardo - Don't Miss!

Around the world, we are witnessing the rise of the cult of the ‘strong leader’ and their disdain for liberal democratic institutions, diversity of opinion, culture and people. The UK witnessed the denigration of experts in the Brexit debate with public sector professionals and academics undermined by a political discourse looking to silence alternative views. Politics and civic society feels more confrontational, less understanding and less inclusive, with the expression of racist and sexist views seemingly legitimised on both sides of the Atlantic.

PP NOW 2017 will explore how psychoanalytic thinking can support policy makers to maintain the health of our democratic institutions, help develop services that respond effectively to real need, and push back against the rise of the authoritarian state.The conference will bring psychoanalysts and psychotherapists together with policy makers and academics to consider these contemporary psychosocial issues, exploring the significance of understanding relationships and our inner worlds to build a more inclusive and fulfilling society. The programme includes an evening public lecture on the Friday with 
Jessica Benjamin, Internationally renowned American psychoanalyst, author, feminist, and political activist: The ethos of cooperation versus the imaginary survival at the expense of the Other – a psychoanalytic perspective on the troubles of our time.

The Keynote address on the Saturday will be by Daniel Pick, Psychoanalyst and HistorianFree Associations? Psychoanalytic History, Democracy, and the State we are In Outlining a history of political-psychoanalytical encounters and inquiries in the 20th century alongside clinical vignettes when considering the current political crisis.The Saturday’s afternoon plenary will include Jessica Benjamin alongside Susie Orbach, Psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, writer, activist and social criticand Sara Khan, Award-winning counter-extremism and women's rights activist, author and public speakerWomen on the Verge of a Post-Liberal World.

Confirmed Speakers and Session Chairs include: Susanna Abse, Katie Argent, Tam Baillie, Nick Benefield, Paul Burstow, Alan Colam, Andrew Cooper, Nick Crane, Fakhry Davids, Maxine Dennis, Gary Fereday, Lynsey Hanley, Paul Hoggett, Anne-Marie Schlösser, Julia Mikardo, Helen Morgan, Juliet Newbigin, Carey Oppenheim, David Richards, Andrew Samuels, Sharon Shoesmith, John Simmonds, Michael Spurr and Sally Weintrobe...with more to follow! 

Venue: Imperial College London.

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