A petition to re-open Family Centres has been stared by the president of the Association for Infant Mental Health UK

A petition has been started by the president of the Association for Infant Mental Health UK, a campaigning/educational organisation. At a recent Parent Infant Partnership UK conference there was widespread concern about the impact on parents and babies/young children of Children's Centre closures and the call to do something about it. Many have closed already and we expect further cuts in the coming months. The ACP has been contacted by members because they are keen to support the campaign. 
These closures are in conflict with current government policy re the importance of early intervention and cross party initiatives such as the 1001 Critical Days Campaign and some of our members are reporting that they no longer have a base or safe space to see these vulnerable children and families.
Children’s centres serve the most deprived areas and have high levels of usage and children attending such centres show a good level of development at Early Years Foundation Stage, and parents show a significant improvement in parenting skills and confidence. It is reported that financial cuts are forcing many children's centres to close. For more information on the petition to reopen all children's centres read here.
Sign the petition.