How to talk to children about terrorist attacks

ACP Media and Comms Lead Alison Roy has been interviewed for an article in the Sunday Express about how to talk to children about terrorist attacks.

It follows reports by the newspaper that children as young as nine have been calling ChildLine terrified they will be the victim of a terrorist attack after the recent massacre in Paris was played out unfiltered across the internet.

The newspaper quotes from one 12-year-old who told a counsellor: "I have heard IS are in the UK and planning an attack. I don't feel safe any more and am having nightmares. These worries are in my mind all the time and I can't get them out."

Alison points out that the Paris massacre has had a particularly destabilising affect "because we saw the young killing the young".

"Suddenly the world our children thought they understood became dangerous. And it happened in a place many of them have visited that looks and feels like home.

"So everything they thought was safe was gone." She advises parents to check their own feelings and anxieties before engaging with children who are distressed by a world they cannot control.

"You can never predict what a child will ask yet your reaction to it will dicatate how reassured they feel."

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