16th February, 2017

ACP member has edited a new book on research called 'Essential Research Findings in Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy', published by Sage. The book aims to give... More

14th February, 2017

ACP member, Lydia Tischler describes war time memories from her childhood where she spent time in Auschwitz concentration camp, in an interview for Chanel 4 news.The filmed interview ... More

11th February, 2017

The ACP continues with it's ABC of children's mental health, looking at the family and the importance of training for professionals who work with families in the early years.ACP... More

10th February, 2017

In E for Education we are looking at learning from experience and how our own expereince and training as child psychotherapists helps us to understand children and the way they learn The... More

9th February, 2017

D is for Difference. The ACP supports taking time to understand difference and individuality but also works hard to ensure that child and adolescent psychotherapists are trained and supported to... More

8th February, 2017

C is for compassion in dealing with loss and serious illnesses.There has been a great deal of discussion and publicity in the media of late about one serious illness in particular - cancer and its... More

7th February, 2017

ACP member Georgina Taylor and her psychotherapy colleague, Frances Fox from the Bridge Foundation, recently spoke on BBC Radio Bristol about the Bridge Foundation and the need... More

7th February, 2017

ACP's ABC of child mental health continues today with B for Building Bridges and partnerships to support children with mental health problems.The ACP supports partnership working and... More

6th February, 2017

The ACP's ABC of child mental health is hoping to raise awareness about child mental health issues this week, looking at some of the more complex difficulties our members deal with... More

29th January, 2017

A young person wrote to Annalisa Barbieri at the Guardian Problem Solved Column saying, "I’m overweight for my age (I’m 13 and 60kg or 9.5 stone) and it’s consumed my life... More


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