ACP's ABC of child mental health continues with D - looking at difference, celebrating difference and making a difference to people's lives

D is for Difference. The ACP supports taking time to understand difference and individuality but also works hard to ensure that child and adolescent psychotherapists are trained and supported to make a difference. Our members took part in a recent documentary about working with complex issues such as transgender see: Channel 4 documentary highlights importance of psychotherapy for children with traumatic histories

Yesterday we looked at compassion and support for children with cancer and their families. Here are some quotes from families who feel that the work we do as child psychotherapists, such as our leaflet for parents of children with serious illnesses and the direct therapeutic work with children, young people and their families, has made a significant difference to their lives:

My granddaughter was diagnosed with leukaemia in April  2015 at 8 months old and has undergone extensive treatment since then. The hospital , Birmingham Children's Hospital, has been brilliant as have the various organisations and charities supporting childhood cancer, such as CCLG. However, it has been difficult to find information relating specifically to babies with
cancer. In some aspects, having baby undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell transplant is probably easier than with older children - losing hair, for example. However, it does raise other issues for parents and the babies that are quite unique. Recently, in the day clinic, my daughter found a copy of the ACP booklet 'Children Diagnosed with Cancer' and has found it very interesting and reassuring....I just wanted to give you this positive feedback and thank you on behalf of my daughter.

This is an email a mother when after her son who was in treatment for cancer died:

‘Our conversations in hospital and on the phone have helped me tremendously through this hideous journey, from the start of [my child's] cancer treatment, through and after his passin.... You have helped me to understand my feelings, talking me through each step from fear, sadness, pain, torture, and with my very dark times.’