ACP's ABC of child mental health continues with B - looking at the Bridge Foundation

ACP member Georgina Taylor and her psychotherapy colleague, Frances Fox from the Bridge Foundation, recently spoke on BBC Radio Bristol about the Bridge Foundation and the need for children and young people with complex mental health problems to access specialists such as psychoanalytic child psychotherapists.  

"Children and young people are under more pressure today and need somewhere to go to talk about their difficulties," said Taylor. Also discussed was resilience, early intervention and the need for extra resources to be provided for schools. "We shouldn't be expecting teachers to manage mental health issues in addition to all the other pressures put on them through the current testing regime." 

The need for a whole "shared society" approach is key, added Taylor, who advocates working in partnership to understand the most vulnerable families, saying that it can make a big difference when professionals join together to support children and their families. However, many services are not being given the resources they need to do this. Phil Hammond, GP presenting the programme described how services can be "disjointed" and there was also a discussion about the importance of funds and expertise to back up promises made in the recent PM's speech about children's mental health.  You can listen to the show here

The Bridge Foundation recently organised a Memorial Lecture on Migration and Loss with poet JJ Bola who said, "the condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak".

Emily Ryana Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist is the manager of the Bridge in Schools Counselling service at the Bridge Foundation, chaired the Lecture. She has a background in human rights campaigning and community development and uses her specialist training and experience to provide mental health assessments and treatment for vulnerable children and young people.  

Heather Stewart, Chair of the Association of Child Psychotherapists welcomed the event. Child Psychotherapists are well-placed to help children who have been traumatised by their life experiences and it is important that as a society we need to provide space to think about uncomfortable truths..."