ACP's ABC of child mental health continues with B - Building Bridges and partnerships to support children with mental health problems

ACP's ABC of child mental health continues today with B for Building Bridges and partnerships to support children with mental health problems.

The ACP supports partnership working and building bridges in order to address the mental ill-health of children, many of whom have experienced significant traumas or early life losses. They need policy makers, professionals and parents or carers to work together to make this change. 

One month after the prime minister, Theresa May promised to 'transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society', however, there appears to be continued concern that the children who most need intervention are not being reached.

BBC's Panorama progarmme investigated the troubled state of NHS mental health services and covered the concerns of staff and patients at the first mental health trust in England to be placed in special measures. The programme highlighted the national picture of the deteriorating of mental health care funding, exclusively revealing new figures that show a shocking increase in unexpected deaths of mental health patients.

Yesterday our ABC message supported attachment and early intervention, as getting the right support for children as early as possible will help to prevent mental health difficulties later on. It will also save money in our already beleaguered NHS where both child and adult mental health services are often having to operate a crisis response and have little resources for early intervention and prevention work which involves good assessments and access to treatment with specialists at the right time. 

Over the next few weeks we will be covering good examples of how working in partnership changes lives and highlighting the role of specialists such as psychoanalytic child psychotherapists in the NHS mental health and community sector workforce.

To see the Panorama report see: