ACP member speaks on TV about the reasons behind self harm

ACP member and Bulletin Editor, Georgina Taylor, spoke to TV interviewers recently, about self harm and some of the reasons behind it.  West Country TV ran a news report on the issue and expressed concern that the numbers of young people engaging in self harming behaviours seemed to be on the rise.

As a psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapist, used to NHS CAMHS work, Georgina understands the underlying issues and complexity around self harm. She agreed that she has also seen a rise in numbers of young people self harming, but explained that although there are a number of reasons, one issue is that young people are finding the constant pressure from peers through social networking, hard to deal with.

She was asked about why there appear to be more girls than boys who self harm and explained that girls may be more likely to turn their feelings in on themselves. She also talked about how even young children can start to self harm when they feel in emotional pain. She stressed the importance for parents, to take time to really listen to their children and validate their experiences. 

Young people who were interviewed for the report, talked about their experiences and why they self harmed. To find our more, you can view the news programme here