ACP member, Rajni Sharma gives advice to worried grandparent in the Guardian Problem Solved Column

A Grandmother wrote to the Guardian weekend Problem solved column saying how desperately worried she is about her teenage granddaughter, who is in a very miserable state. She managed some GCSE passes but opted to go to college, and then gave up after a few months. She described her family context as, superficially very good but was concerned that situation has reached crisis point.

ACP member Rajni Sharma, explained it was clear how committed the grandmother is to her granddaughter but highlighted how “a muddle between generational roles may colour your worry.” She added that the granddaughter sounded like “a girl who is open to new experiences and can cope when some don’t go to plan." She was curious about the "frustration and protest underneath the misery" and a struggle to get outwardly angry.

She’s able to pick herself up and she is resourceful, and not conventionally academic". Sharma says, and also suggested that the grandmother talk to her daughter and son in law, to come up with a strategy to support each other. She added that it is very important that the granddaughter has "somewhere that’s all her own to talk and be allowed to be [herself] and fit into the world.” 

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