ACP member, Dr Andrew Briggs speaks on ITV news about post-natal depression for fathers

ACP member, Dr Andrew Briggs speaks on ITV about post-natal depression for fathers. 

Becoming a parent is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, but many mothers face intense feelings of depression and sadness after the births of their children. It can strike anytime in the first year after a baby is born - and increasingly it is being recognised that fathers can suffer too.  Fathers describe finding it hard to talk about their feelings and fears, saying that their needs can be overlooked. Briggs highlighted the need for support to be available for fathers as well as mothers, during this emotionally intense time. A father who who had suffered an emotional breakdown after the birth of his baby added that he was campaigning for a whole family approach to include fathers. For more information and to watch the programme click here

ACP members work with parents and their babies in a number of settings and we will be supporting Infant Mental Health Awareness Week in June (12-16). See: