20th April, 2017

PPNOW 2017 conference is open for bookings (Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November). The line up includes ACP members Katie Argent and Julia Mikardo - Don't Miss!Around the world, we are witnessing the... More

6th April, 2017

The ACP continues its ABC of Children's mental health with K for Klein, celebrating the work of Melanie Klein whose birthday was last week. Born in Vienna of Jewish... More

27th March, 2017

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Children (APPGC) recently released their findings in their report ‘No Good Options’. They launched the inquiry in February 2016 into... More

24th March, 2017

The ACP supports play and creating opportunities for children to experience joy and freedom in their play. There was a debate recently in the Scottish parliament on play, where the parliament... More

17th March, 2017

ACP registered child and adolescent psychotherapists are involved in specialist work called parent-infant psychotherapy. This innovative form of early intervention is delivered throughout the UK and... More

15th March, 2017

 Many ACP trained child and adolescent psychotherapists work with parents and infants and ACP member, Federica Melandri has developed innovative work overseas with a parent-infant pilot project... More

14th March, 2017

ACP registered child psychotherapists work with many looked after and adopted children and young people. A recent story from a young person, Jimmy Paul, who grew up in care was in the news last... More

10th March, 2017

Due to popular demand, the ACP's ABC of children's mental health continues with H for Help. ACP member, Judith Edwards, has written a leaflet guide to psychotherapy for children... More

8th March, 2017

ACP member, Ruth Glover speaks on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour about the labels given to children and how these can become "fixed" and limiting but also how important... More

5th March, 2017

ACP member, Margaret Rustin and her husband Michael Rustin launched their book, Reading Klein, at the Institute of Psychoanalysis on Friday 24th February. The book was commissioned by... More


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