Member Register

This is a register of psychoanalytically trained Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, trained to work with children and young people from 0-25 years. Some of our registrants may also have trained in other specialisms and may be registered with other statutory and professional bodies. Links to such organisations can be found on our useful links page under 'Professional Bodies'

Categories of ACP membership:

Trainee Members- Trainee members are registered with an ACP accredited training school as well as with the ACP, and carry out clinical work in the NHS or 3rd sector, but not in private practice. They work under the supervision of a senior Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, who also carries clinical responsibility for their work. A full description of the training can be found here

Full Members - Members who have successfully completed a training course at an ACP Approved Training school and who are working as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Full members provide a yearly return detailing relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities which must be duly authorised by an ACP approved supervisor to confirm that they are fit to practise.

Retired Members/Non Working - Qualified members of the Association who have retired from all clinical and non-clinical practice or who are not currently working for personal reasons (e.g. maternity leave).

Honoured Members - Members of distinction who have contributed to the ACP and the advancement of child and adolescent psychotherapy have become Honoured Members at the invitation of the Association. Honoured members who continue to practise must also provide a yearly CPD return.

Overseas Members – Members of the Association who have qualified from an ACP-UK Approved training school but who reside and work overseas. It is expected that they will organise their own CPD activities in the country in which they practise and they are not eligible to be included on the Find a Therapist site.

Registration status:

Registered - The registrant has met all requirements to be an ACP member.

Registration due - The registrant has met all requirements to be an ACP member. During the period from 1st to 31st January this category is used for administrative purposes while re-registration is taking place and these registrants remain registered.

CPD 2016-17 outstanding - The registrant has not completed the required Continuing Professional Development submission and will not be eligible to register for 2018 until it has been received and authorised.

Pending - All new registrants are listed as 'Pending' until they have completed all necessary administration.

Lapsed - A registrant has failed to meet one of the ACP's criteria for membership and are no longer a member. They will remain listed for one calendar month and then will be removed.

An asterisk (*) by a member's name indicates that they have been through the ACP disciplinary procedures and been found in breach of our Code of Ethics. A summary of the breach and details of the sanctions can be found at

Membership Number Member Name Register Registration Status
4835 Mr. Steven Hayes Trainee Member Registered
4369 Ms. Claire Hayes Full Member Registered
4188 Mr. Christopher Hayman Full Member Registered
4355 Mrs. Victoria Hayward Retired/Not Working Registered
3861 Mrs. Wendy Healey Full Member Registered
3971 Ms. Fiona Henderson Full Member Registered
3627 Mr. John Henderson Retired/Not Working Registered
3792 Ms. Claudia Henry Full Member Registered
3729 Dr. Rachael Henry Overseas Member Registered
3628 Mrs. Pauline Hering-Josefowitz Overseas Member Registered
3757 Mrs. Deborah Hermon Overseas Member Registered
3730 Dr. Joan Herrmann Retired/Not Working Registered
4373 Ms. Joanne Higgins Full Member Registered
4755 Mrs. Emma Higgs Trainee Member Registered
4612 Mr. Luke Highstead Trainee Member Registered
4343 Mr. David Hinchliffe Full Member Registered
3629 Dr. Debbie Hindle Full Member Registered
4083 Mr. Todd Hinds Full Member Registered
4820 Mrs. Charlotte Hinsley Trainee Member Registered
4675 Mr. Shozo Hirai Overseas Member Registered
4499 Ms. Sarie Hodgson Full Member Registered
4610 Ms. Miss Diane Hofschroer Hofschroer Trainee Member Registered
4758 Ms. Catherine Hole Trainee Member Registered
3731 Ms. Louise Holland Retired/Not Working Registered
3632 Ms. Janet Hollins Retired/Not Working Registered
4598 Mrs. Alkisti Holmes Trainee Member Registered
4600 Dr. Joshua Holmes Trainee Member Registered
3781 Ms. Anne Hood Retired/Not Working Registered
4124 Ms. Val Hopfinger Full Member Registered
4448 Juliet Hopkins Honoured Registered
4210 Ms. Claire Hopkins Full Member Registered
4834 Miss Sophie Hopkinson Trainee Member Registered
4615 Mrs. Medina Horne Trainee Member Registered
3633 Mrs. Ann Herriot Horne Full Member Registered
4438 Mrs. Jo Horner Full Member Registered
4049 Ms. Karina Hotchin Full Member Registered
4022 Ms. Lisa Howard Full Member Registered
4577 Mrs. Katherine Howarth Trainee Member Registered
4442 Ms. Angharad Howell Full Member Registered
4221 Ms. Sarah Hoyle Full Member Registered
4191 Mr. Karl Huntbach Full Member Registered
3636 Mrs. Margaret Hunter-Smallbone Full Member Registered
3895 Ms. Anne Hurley Full Member Registered
4356 Ms. Louise Hursey Full Member Registered
3637 Mrs. Margaret Hurst Full Member Registered
4973 Tamara Hussain Trainee Member Registered
4419 Mr. Rory Hutchinson Trainee Member Registered
3841 Ms. Gillian Ingall Full Member Registered
4830 Ms. Deirdre Ingham Trainee Member Registered
4131 Mrs. Ilana Inspector Full Member Registered