In the Media

Caring for a suicidal loved one

7 March 2018 - ACP Chief Executive, Nick Waggett, responds in a letter to a report cataloguing failings across mental health services

People with autism need protection 

13 February 2018 - ACP member, Catalina Bronstein, responds in a letter to an earlier article on the the treatment of autism

How do I tell my children about cancer? 

February 2018 - Advice from ACP Member Jane Elfer 

Should my friend block her 12-year-old son's access to pornography? 

27 January 2018 Advice from ACP member Ann Horne

ACP members and their book are mentioned in a letter to the Guardian 

19 January 2018 Finding your way with your baby by Dilys Daws and Alexandra de Rementeria

My daughter is hurt at being rejected by the girl she called her best friend

8 December 2017 - Advice from ACP member Dr Sarah Sutton

My young daughter constantly misses her grandparents

22 September 2017Advice from ACP member Milly Jenkins

My teenage granddaughter is in a miserable state. She has lost hope 

23 June 2017 - Advice from ACP Member Rajni Sharma

I'm 13 and worried about being fat

20 January 2017 - Advice from ACP Member Cathy Troupp 

Crisis in Mental Health Care for young people

24 October 2017 - ACP member, Peter Wilson, responds to report about inadequate mental health services for children and young people


Government missing an opportunity to improve children's mental health services

7 March 2018 - Shadow Health Secretary, Jon Ashworth, shares the ACP's concerns over the government's green paper on children and young people's mental health


The government needs to do more to protect children's mental health services

20 February 2018 - ACP Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett's article calls for a sustainable system of addressing children's mental health needs. 


Transforming Mental Health Provision in Schools? 

8 February 2018 - Therapists and Educators criticise the government's proposed changes to how mental health services are delivered. ACP's Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett and ACP Member, Dr Tessa Weir-Jeffery raise their concerns. 


Troubled children at risk from mental health proposals, warn therapists 

27 January 2018 - The ACP's Chief Executive, Dr Nick Waggett, argues that young people with the most serious mental health problems will be harmed by flawed government plans to boost services in schools for troubled children.


The Dark Underworld of Instagram's Mental Health Memes According to a survey of 1,500 people, conducted by RSPH and the Young Health Movement Instagram is the social network deemed the most detrimental to the mental health and well-being of young adults.

October 2017 - Advice from ACP member Rachel Melville-Thomas.


Jeremy Hunt's new mental health Funding doesnt go far enough

13 July 2017 ACP Chair, Heather Stewart's Letter in the Independent. 


Labelling Children

7 March 2017 - ACP Member, Ruth Glover, Speaks on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour about the labels given to children