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All ACP registered Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists have undertaken a minimum of six years' training, of which four years is in psychoanalytic practice in the NHS. They often go on to work in multi-disciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). They are experienced in working with and treating young people and families with a range of complex difficulties.

Their training equips them to work with children and adolescents from 0-25, as well as to offer parent-infant and parent-child interventions. Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists also provide supervision and consultation to other psychotherapists and all professionals working with young people and their families.

Registered members listed here, are those who are eligible and available to work in private practice. Please note this is not a full list of members. To view the full register of members, Click here:

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Member No Member Name Type of Member
3751 Dr. Marguerite Reid Full Member
4350 Mrs. Susanna Reisz Full Member
4061 Dr. Helen Ritzema Full Member
3866 Ms. Ellie Roberts Full Member
3753 Ms. Marigemma Rocco Briggs Full Member
4105 Mrs. Josephine Roger Full Member
4190 Ms. Sabina Rosdarklin Full Member
3894 Dr. Jo Russell Full Member
3919 Mrs. Patsy Ryz Full Member
3982 Ms. Claudia Salazar-Aragon Full Member